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For this project, called Shared Anxiety, I have invited my friends and — my very humble amount of — followers to share what a panic/anxiety attack or dissociative state feels like. In turn I have created illustrations based on these experiences.

It may be very cliché, because we all know that we should “talk about it,” but when it comes to sharing such irrational fears/feelings/moments in life there still seems to be a very high threshold. And so, the act of putting these moments into words is therapeutic in and of itself. Some (not so anonymous) sharers told me that seeing their experiences visualised brings them acknowledgment as well as a huge sense of relief.

The process of illustrating these images creates such a powerful connection between me and the sharer — even when I don’t know them. It has given me a great sense of fulfilment and a newfound trust in the world. I feel like it has become a significant part of my own mental health journey.