Politics of Solidarity - 2022 Cover illustration for PhD Pieter Verheyen UAntwerpen
Pop-up Escort - 2021 Cover illustration for Inkt Uitgeverij
We Are the Real Influencers - 2020 Article illustrations for WeWantMore
King Miguel, Algeria and the Vixen - 2021 for BLAEC EDITO (édition Art Sexus) Text: Thomas Bradley & Jérome Hannslinger - Illustrations & graphic design: Pauly V
Uw hoer is een moeder - 2017 Illustrated book printed on paper and mica For my bachelor's project I researched the red light district of Antwerp (‘het Schipperskwartier') in an attempt to challenge the way people generally view and marginalise sex workers. It resulted in a collection of anecdotes demonstrating the role of these women as mothers, daughters, lovers and friends, assembled in an illustrated book. Winner of START Award 2017
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ONIONS - 2016/2018 Graphic and cover design for photography book by Olivia Karelina I have had the honour to collaborate with the amazing Olivia Karelina. She is a Moldavian photographer who became intrigued with Aalst and the city's way of celebrating Carnaval. Although the series ONIONS is fairly rough and sketchy, it has a certain kind of dreamy and romantic feel to it. I decided to wrap the book in fishnet stockings, as a reference to the highly sexualised object itself, as well as to mesh onion wrapping. The title has been 'blind pressed' into the hardcover, again creating a contrast, similar to the one we can find in Karelina's work.
I like love swastikas - 2018 Illustrative & typographic book I like love swastikas exposes the phenomenon of ‘cultural appropriation’. Both sides of this polarising debate are represented in a conversation between two characters who discuss the appearance and behaviour of passersby. While one insists on pointing out specific forms of cultural appropriation, the other is completely oblivious to the general scope of the issue. Their debate unfolds throughout the book, with characters moving through a landscape of articles and comments on social media concerning the subject. Ultimately, I like love swastikas attempts to reconstruct the controversy and invites its readers to participate in the debate. Winner of Swa Beerten Award 2018 Mentioned by Flanders DC Part of MoMu's archive and collection book
BANG! Magazine #3 - 2019 Art direction & graphic design for publication by Klaas Verplancke "BANG! is a 16-pages printed tabloid paper. Every issue invites a cutting edge, outbreaking guest designer to interact with the strange, yet strangely comforting imaginary of Klaas Verplancke and create an innovative fusion between graphic design and illustration that blows your eyes and mind. This issue #3 was art-directed by the peerless Paulien Verheyen." Mentioned by SPD
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