My work for Together as ourselves is about celebrating beauty and diversity. It is about being proud of who we are and proud of whom we love. It’s about being liberated, but it’s also about being a voice for those who have been silenced. By creating and looking at art, I think we can learn to become each other and therefore we can learn to become and be ourselves. But you know, art doesn’t need to contain some kind of deeper meaning or message. I think the mere act of creating something — you find beautiful or intriguing — is a powerful message in itself. Together as Ourselves, Pride Celebration - 2021 Window art for VANS
Happy Crappy Queers - 2022 Poster & flyer illustration for an Antwerp Pride event by Clitpit
Kiss the earth you scum - 2022 Poster illustration for Karlijn Hamer
Bags - 2021 Painted and hand embroidered hand bags for vzw Ietstof
Mystic Kids - 2020 & 2021 Illustrated poster for TRIX
Noorderlicht - 2019 Illustrated campaign for AP School of Arts & District Antwerpen
Sassy Berry - 2021 T-shirt design via Everpress
 Ecological Footprint - 2019 Postcards for Antwerp Circular
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